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Welcome to NANAS!
 Combining the flavors of Italy and Mexico, NANAS is so much more than the vibrant and mouthwatering dishes on our menu. Within every bite is not only a marriage of cuisines but our cultures and families. By honoring our past using recipes handed down from our own nanas, we aim to modernize the dining experience for the future. We can’t think of more cherished moments than breaking bread with family, friends, and loved ones. NANAS is the story of Jonathan and George and a celebration of togetherness blending family and food where everyone has a place at the table. We strive to always leave your appetite gratified and you a little bit spoiled. After all, that is what nana would want. NANAS, where food feels like family.

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The company needed to emphasize its 'WHY' to allow customers to understand its mission and ethos. I was tasked with initially creating a mission statement and tagline. Additionally, I assisted the co-founders in creating a written pitch and preparatory work for future interviews with the food press.

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